[Samba] Firewall piercing - The Specified network name is no longer available.

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Feb 9 22:25:15 GMT 2005

>You're confusing the sides of the firewall.
>The restrictive security policies are on the side of the clients I work
>for. THEIR firewalls are often quite restrictive.
Ok, I've almost responded at least a couple times, but this is getting 
ludicrious now.  If they're restrictive on their side, then how the hell 
do you plan on getting out with your traffic??? 

Besides that, I'd be really surprised if this connection would work at 
all with the sheer number of different networks you'd be crossing, any 
number of which are filtering for smb ported traffic.  Most consumer 
grade ISPs filter for all these ports, the one you run your mail server 
on seems to, or at least your server is filtered.  Our firewalls will 
allow just about anything out, but not smb because it's just wrong.  I 
believe some of these ports talk back to you also, at least 445, so 
you're probably not going to get back with the corresponding channel, 
much like non-passive ftp.

>The other side of the equation is my box at home, which has no such
Who is your ISP? I'd love a no-rules account with them.

>>>I even concocted a zero-install CygWin workalike and
>>>keep it on my keychain USB drive...
Do you have nmap? try and portscan your home box and see if you get the 
ports... it will tell you if you're getting filtered or not.  I'm 
guessing this is the case

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