[Samba] Some questions about samba & ldap

RNuno glist at moonlight.pt
Wed Feb 9 20:50:08 GMT 2005


I have a working domain with samba-3.0.10 and Openldap-2.1.30.
I'm happy with the setup but I have a few issues that I would like to know
if someone have it too or know how to solve them.

1) Is there any way a Domain User can install a printer from the samba 
   cuz it's a litle annoying going to all the pc's as Administrator to 
install them.

2) Changing the password on the windows clients does not sync with the 
ldap password.
   I read that Ldap must support exop for that to happen, but the only 
reference that
   i found to it is on ldap.conf (pam_password exop) and it's uncomment 
or do I miss

3) Is there any way that I can give permission to a group/user so that 
it can make
   shares on is own workstation? I read all about policies but i can't 
find anything
   about it.
4) I use roaming profiles and for now it's working great with only a 
minor issue that
   i'm not sure it's related to it or not. When i'm working on the 
workstation with,
   for instance, 4 Firefox, Thunderbird, 3 puttys, sometimes my taskbar 
freezes for some
   seconds (like 10 to 15) I notice that cuz I use the Show Desktop 
button alot. Does
   anyone have this issue? this happens to all the pc's on the network, 
is it related
   with the roaming profile?

Thanks in advance, regards
Ricardo Nuno

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