[Samba] WinXP won't authenticate

Greene, Jason A [ITS] jason.a2.greene at mail.sprint.com
Wed Feb 9 17:22:46 GMT 2005

I've looke throught the archives and can't find much to help my

I have a Slackware 10 server running Samba 3.0.4 on a Win2k/2K3 Active
Directory Domain.

My win2k clients can connect to the samba shares but the WinXP clients

I've tried the enableplaintextpassword hreg hack but that doesn't solve
the issue.

Here is my [global] section of my smb.conf

Can anyone assist me with a resolution?

   workgroup = AD
   netbios name = %h
   server string = PTS RNW Production Server
   hosts allow = 10. 127.
   load printers = no
   security = domain
   domain master  = no
   password server = XXXXXX.XXXX.com
   name resolve order = host lmhosts wins bcast
   encrypt passwords = yes


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