[Samba] samba 3.0.11, security=server and smbpasswd as fallback not working

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Feb 9 12:12:26 GMT 2005

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Ralf Gross wrote:

|> Fallover to the next auth method only occurs when the current
|> auth method (e.g. the remote server) returns
|> NT_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED I think.  This is by design.
| This was changed in samba 3.x?

This is how Samba 3.0 has always acted.

|> Last recommendation, you should really explore security = domain.
|> security = server has been deprecated.
| I would love to do this. Unfortunately samba server
| are not allowed to join the domain, only window servers are
| allowed to be member of the domain. This is just a workgroup
| server, which is in a separate workgroup with a
| couple of linux machines.

If I were you, I would push for justification of this policy.
It makes no senses and causes nothing but trouble.
Your windows admins don't have to support the Samba box,
just let it join the domain.

/me grumbles about stupid IT decisions.....

cheers, jerry
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