[Samba] Network Drive: Reconnect at logon does'nt work

Rainer Blaes Rainer.Blaes at space.eads.net
Wed Feb 9 11:31:51 GMT 2005

Hi all,

we are running Samba 2.2.12 under Solaris 9 to give Windows XP Users 
access to a Solaris
share. Each time a XP user re-login into his Windows system it is telling

                         Not all Network Drive could be mapped

where the mentioned drive is the Samba share.
Now the details:

1. On Samba in Domain "domain1":
    a) smb.conf contains "security = user" entry
    b) User "user1" with # smbpasswd -L -a user1 (no password) defined

2. On Windows XP in Domain "domain2":
     a) As user "user1": Map Network Drive - Drive z: - Folder: 
     b) Box 'Reconnect at logon'  is activated
     c) Connect using a different user name is used with
User:        domain1\user1
     d) Finish ==========>  Network Drive SHARE is mapped no problems to 
work with it

 3.  User "user1" logged off and during the new logon XP is telling him

                           Not all Network Drive could be mapped

Double click onto the Drive icon with the red cross opens a window with
User:        domain1\user1
and after pressing the OK button the Drive is remapped.

Is there any way  to avoid the last step to reconnect the drive 


Rainer Blaes
EADS Bremen (Germany)  

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