[Samba] Force users to use Latin characters...

Casper kl at os.lv
Wed Feb 9 08:20:02 GMT 2005

  Hi from Latvia,

  I just started to migrate win98 fileserver with samba. I have problem 
that some users sit on old machines win95 utt and some on winxp... and 
my native language is some characters what is not in Latin alfabet, just 
few but they are. In utf-8 those character is not problem to see... but 
I have problem, than if winxp user use in filename those characters 
there is problems to read this files from old win9x machines... we have 
procedures and educate users how to name files, bet workers change every 
month so it is problem to educate how to use fileserver, so I have asked 
to force that users can store files only with Latin filecharacters, not 
Latvian specific... is it posbile to configure so?

  I have two little q. too. Is it problem that samba server has two 
network cards and it is connected to diferent internal networks? Or 
samba just don`t care.
  And I have readed in samba doc. that win old auth. style is not to use 
login, just password and share for auth. So old scripts for filserver 
don`t contain users for network share, how to configure samba to not use 
users just password for samba share authorization?

thanks for great product,


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