[Samba] Re: upgrade to 3.0.11, lost domain control

Gordon Russell russell at co.clarke.va.us
Wed Feb 9 00:55:24 GMT 2005

I have determined that members of the root group can logon to domain, no 
problem. If you are not a member of the unix root group, you are sol...
file permissions somewhere not right?  please, i dont want to have to 
add all my users to root group before tomorrow morning ;-)

Gordon Russell wrote:
> Hello--
> I upgraded my RH9 samba PDC server from 3.0.9pre3 to 3.0.11 using 
> packaged RH9 rpm from samba site, using rpm -U samba*rpm.
> no complaints from rpm. samba stops/starts fine.  However, clients can 
> no longer log in to domain. All clients (W2k,XP) get the same error 
> message "The system could not log you on,...etc".
> clients can mount samba shares, however.
> I saved a copy of /etc/samba before the upgrade, and copied old 
> secrets.tdb & smbpasswd to /etc/samba/., but this made no difference, I 
> still have no domain control.  Im at a loss to where to go next and this 
> will really be a drag tommorrow when everyone comes in to work if I cant 
> get domain control working again
> thanks---

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