[Samba] upgrade to 3.0.11, lost domain control

Gordon Russell russell at clarkecounty.gov
Tue Feb 8 23:56:31 GMT 2005


I upgraded my RH9 samba PDC server from 3.0.9pre3 to 3.0.11 using 
packaged RH9 rpm from samba site, using rpm -U samba*rpm.

no complaints from rpm. samba stops/starts fine.  However, clients can 
no longer log in to domain. All clients (W2k,XP) get the same error 
message "The system could not log you on,...etc".
clients can mount samba shares, however.

I saved a copy of /etc/samba before the upgrade, and copied old 
secrets.tdb & smbpasswd to /etc/samba/., but this made no difference, I 
still have no domain control.  Im at a loss to where to go next and this 
will really be a drag tommorrow when everyone comes in to work if I cant 
get domain control working again


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