[Samba] Re: Basic Samba functionality under SuSE 9.2

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Tue Feb 8 21:11:46 GMT 2005

At 08:00 PM 2/8/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>On Tuesday 08 February 2005 11:55 am, Tom Peters wrote:
>  I'm trying to get Samba 3.0.9-2.3 to work under Suse 9.2. This my very
>  first Linux install and I'm a little at sea here. There are so many things
>  that could be wrong I don't know where to start.
>  The Windows machine I'm using as a client has TCP/IP, file/printer sharing,
>  and Client for MS networks. He can't see the linux machine's ("Tolkien")
>  shares, but he can ping him.
>  This might be a name services issue because issuing a net command at the
>  windows box to enumerate the shares (I think that's net view) of the form
>  NET VIEW \\TOLKIEN              results in a timeout and error, but
>  NET VIEW \\   results in a correct list of the shares I've
>  configured on the box!
>  C:\WINDOWS>net view \\
>  Shared resources at \\
>  Samba 3.0.9-2.3-SUSE
>  Share name  Type   Used as  Comment
>  -------------------------------------------
>  archive     Disk            archived files
>  I'm confused about the firewall on SuSE; it's enabled and maybe it
>  shouldn't be. All boxes on this little network are on a switch which goes
>  to a router, thence to my DSL modem. I'm not using the SuSE box as a
>  gateway, it's just on another switch port like the Windows boxes. The
>  firewall has the same interface defined as the inside port and the outside
>  port.
>  But the YAST GUI for configuring Samba has a checkbox for opening all
>  appropriate firewall ports, and I did that. I went back to check and it's
>  still checked.
>  For grins, I portscanned tolkien. TCP ports open are: 21, 22, 25, 110, 139,
>  445. UDP ports: None.
>  I tried this:
>  net use k: \\\archive
>  It works! Well, almost. It prompts for username and password, and username
>  and pw I use to login at the linux box doesn't work. "root" with his
>  password works.
>  I need to get some permissions issues ironed out later.

>>You need to start nmbd on the Linux box.
>>Make sure that it is not a local, domain, or preferred master, and that the
>>OS level is low (5 or so).

Ok, thanks for that info. A few questions, remembering that this is my 
first Linux box:

1. Doesn't this seem to imply that nmbd is running already?
tolkien:~ # ps -ef|grep nmbd
root      4036     1  0 10:35 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/nmbd -D -s 

2. There is a config step in YAST setup of Samba that asks, in a dialog 
called Base Settings, for "Workgroup or Domain Name" and "Domain Controller".

Under WG or DN I have Rivendell, which is the name of the workgroup that 
all the WIndows boxes use to talk to each other. It's not further 
qualified, it's just the one lowercase word.

Under Domain controller, it's a pulldown, and the two choices are: "Primary 
(PDC)" and "No DC" and I picked "Primary (PDC)". Is that a bad choice?

3. I don't see where to set OS level or understand what you mean by that. 
You don't mean runlevel, I think.

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