[Samba] Domain SID issue

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Tue Feb 8 19:57:44 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 19:55, you wrote:
> Samba List Unetix wrote:
> | show the OLD-SID again,
> | net getlocalsid : returns OLD-SID
> | net getlocalsid <DOMAIN> : returns OLD-SID
> | net getlocalsid samba-machine : returns OLD-SID
> |
> | but :
> | net rpc info target samba-machine : returns:
> | Domain Name: <DOMAIN>
> | Domain SID: NEW-SID   !!!!!
> |
> | So how is that possible , why returns net
> | getlocalsid the OLD-SID and net rpc info
> | target samba-machine the NEW-SID.
> The SID is read from secrets.tdb upon startup. Did you restart
> smbd ?

I did a killall -HUP smbd , but maybe that's not the way to do it,
for an actual restart I have to wait for approval from the local
administrator of that company because there are important
programs running from that server on windows machines that crash
when samba gets restarted, it is not allowed for the samba machine to ever be 
down, the upgrade was quite a hassle because samba definitely
had to be restarted , but the benefits of no printer queue problems
anymore where tempting so he agreed.
I'll try to phone him , but h'll be angry because it's 8 in the evening
and he wants quality time with his family, me not I work 24/7, I'm a robot.

Thanks , I thought allready that would be the case , but needed assurance.
I restarted samba and indeed , it gives now the OLD-SID back.
So net getlocalsid retrieves it straight from secrets.tdb and net rpc
inquires the running smbd process which returns the SID it keeps in memory
from reading the secrets.tdb at first start-up ?

Wim Bakker

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