[Samba] 'ldap passwd sync' not working

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Tue Feb 8 17:50:51 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 02:07, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> I have no gripes with the official Samba docs as included in the Red Hat
> 3.0.9 Samba srpm. Either the Terpstra docs or Jerry Carter's O'Reilly
> boot. They are very clear, accurate and to the point; much trouble has

Thank-you for clarifying this. It removes all doubt.

> been taken in compiling them, the English is perfect and there are no
> spelling mistakes.

Oops. I would not say that. Most spelling mistakes have now been fixed, but I 
am convinced there are still a few lurking in the books waiting to be found 
and then squashed.

> I *do* have a problem with Samba (v.3) PDC LDAP howto by Ignacio Coupeau
> of CTI, University of Navarra. I've no idea where I got it from in the
> first place; it isn't included with the Red Hat release. It is
> diametrically the opposite to what I've just written about the official
> Samba docs. I shall refer to it as "Navarra" in what follows.

Ignacio's HOWTO preceded the Official Samba documentation during the days of 
Samba-2. Many of us owe a depth of gratitude to him for his work. The fact 
that it is out of date is not denied. It takes much effort to keep 
documentation current, particularly when the underlying project changes 
rapidly - as Samba-3 has done over the past few months.

> I've constantly referred to this document in what I wrote, not to the
> official Samba docs..

We need to get the message out more clearly that the Samba-HOWTO-Collection 
(the book "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide") is designed to 
document specific capabilities of Samba with general examples of how to use 
them. The Samba-Guide (the book "Samba-3 by Example") was designed to 
demonstrate how to use the capabilities of Samba within a comprehensively 
documented networking environment. They serve entirely differing purposes:
One explains particular features of Samba with minimal reference to deployment 
context, the other provides a detailed example of usage within a typical 

The Samba Team encourages the development of Unofficial HOWTOs because we are 
limited in our exposure and experience and need to capture the experience of 
others. That is the key reason behind my constant request for updates and 
contributions to the documentation. Jelmer, Jerry, and I do our best to 
update and expand the official documentation - often drawing from unofficial 
HOWTO sources. As much as we can, we validate the information we provide, and 
we try to keep it current.

Criticism of documentation is a good thing! Contriubution to it is even 

> Unfortunately the official Samba docs do not cover ldapsam in any depth;
> as a complete newbie, one can obviously not judge the worth of any doc
> until one has followed that doc and attempted to put its content into
> practice.

Bearing in mind the intended nature of the HOWTO and the Guide, you have 
touched on an area you can materially contribute to in order to improve the 
documentation. Please consider providing updates notes/documenation for 
inclusion in these resources.

> Best, and thanks for taking what I wrote seriously :)

Your help and input are appreciated. Please keep up the feedback - and 
documentation patches or contributions. :)

John T.
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