[Samba] Cant handle files correctly in linux like i do in windows

mmodem00 at netvisao.pt
Mon Feb 7 19:31:32 GMT 2005

I mounted in smb4k a machine that haves windowsXP.
In konqueror i can delet files from the windows machine, but when deleting 
folders i get an error window message like this:

Cannot change name of /home/mmodem/mnt/P3/R-Studio folder.
Build 121029 Retail.

Why cant i delet folders if i can delet files?

Other thing that doesnt let me work in linux is that when i copy/move files 
that have accents/chars in some words like ' ~ ^ ' ` , when arrives that file 
withthat chars it stops the current copy/move command.

Any help?


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