[Samba] Fedora SRPM and cups-devel

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Mon Feb 7 19:14:48 GMT 2005

Why doesn't samba.org's source RPM for Fedora list cups-devel as a 
BuildRequires?  Red Hat's/Fedora's version of the source RPM does 
require it.  Not requiring it and leaving --enable-cups as auto means 
that the resulting RPM's features depend on which machine it's built on; 
that seems incorrect to me.  I've noticed that some RPMs control which 
features are built into the RPM by putting defines and conditionals into 
the spec file; that seems to me like a cleaner way to support people who 
don't want to use CUPS.

I upgraded our print server to Samba 3.0.11 this weekend to fix some of 
the print server bugs we've been seeing, but I accidentally built the 
RPM on a machine that didn't have cups-devel installed and broke 
printing completely.  If cups-devel was listed as under BuildRequires, 
that would have caught my mistake and saved me some embarrassment.


Josh Kelley

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