[Samba] Printing problems

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Mon Feb 7 19:02:59 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> >Another oddity:  We'd been getting hundreds or thousands of these error
> >messages each day, then our server crashed yesterday morning for
> >as-yet-undetermined reasons.  Since the reboot, I've been seeing neither
> >the "old print jobs aren't cleared" bug nor the "too many handles"
> >messages.
> hmm...bad tdb somewhere ?  ANy error messages about that ?

I'm seeing some tdb errors, although there doesn't appear to be much of 
a correlation between them and the "too many handles" errors:

[2005/02/01 12:50:57, 0] smbd/connection.c:register_message_flags(220)
  register_message_flags: tdb_fetch failed

(We're using per-host logging.  I'm only checking for tdb errors in the 
logs of hosts that were having "too many handles" errors; if I should be 
checking somewhere else, please let me know.)

We're happily running Samba 3.0.11 now, and I'm hoping that that will 
fix the "too many handles" errors.  I'll post again if I continue to 
have problems.  Thanks for your help.

Josh Kelley

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