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Eric Biggs

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Has anyone observed this behavior when deleting a file?

I had a user map a Samba share to his WIN2K machine and use the Windows
Explorer delete function to delete a rather large file (600M). Windows
prompted him in the usual manner: 'Are you sure you want to delete this
file?'  (By the way it was the actual "delete" warning, not the recycle
bin warning.)  In the Explorer window, the file disappeared.  When he
refreshed the window, the file reappeared.  It hadn't been deleted at

I investigated from the Linux side and determined that his userid didn't
have appropriate authority to delete the file.  We changed the
permissions accordingly, went back to Explorer, and successfully deleted
the file.  That explains why he couldn't delete it, but why didn't Samba
prompt him with some sort of access violation, or some other message?
Is this working as designed, or is there some parameter that I can turn
on to fix this?

We're using Red Hat AS 3.0, Samba Version: 3.0.4 (Red Hat RPM), Release:
6.3E.  We're not part of any domain controller or active directory, just
plain Linux authentication.


Eric Biggs

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