[Samba] FC3 trying to install it's own Samba

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Feb 7 14:10:54 GMT 2005

> I instaled latest Samba from source: ./configure --enable-debug.
> FC3 doesn't believe me.

That's your problem right there.  RPM systems should have software 
installed by RPM only or you end up with situations like this.  When you 
install from source the package manager doesn't have the proper entries 
placed in its databases.  RPM doesn't search for the existance of a 
particular file, it searches for the existance of a particular package.

> rpm -q samba gives "package not installed",

As it should.

> How do I convince it?

Go download a .src.rpm file for samba and install that, which will give 
you the setup for making a custom RPM file.  Now edit the spec file for 
the changes you would like to make.  Just to be safe you should probably 
also increment the build number, that way you'll be sure that you don't 
get overwritten by an older but higher-than-default revisioned build 
from the official yum/up2date archives  Build the rpm and install that 
package.  This should make sure that the entries are in the PM database.

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