[Samba] RPM Build error for Samba-3.0.10-1.src.rpm

Mandar Kulkarni/PUN/IN/STTL mkulkarni at softcell.co.in
Mon Feb 7 13:26:35 GMT 2005

The exact line is similar to following

--with-acl-support \

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Kulkarni

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how is the exact line from your spec-file?

is it like in your mail with the spaces??

or ist it like that:

if there are the spaces between - - then is there the error....
Mandar Kulkarni/PUN/IN/STTL schrieb:

>I am trying to install samba 3 on RH Enterprise Linux AS with LDAP and
>SMBLDapTools. I hv downloaded the Samba-3.0.10-1.src.rpm from Samba site.
>I want my samba to support ACLs, Profiles, LDAPSAM etc. To make it work i
>edited the SPECS file and added the following entries
>   - - with-acl-support
>   - - with-profile
>   - - disable-static
>   - - with-msdfs
>   - -with-ldapsam
>After adding the above entries i tried to build the new rpm. While doing
>got the following error
>Config,status:Creating include /config.h
>+ - - with-acl-support  - - with-profile  - - disable-static  - -
>with-msdfs  - -with-ldapsam ' '
>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.40956:line 69:  - - with-acl-support : command not found
>error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.40956
>Can any one tell me where i am going wrong??
>Thanks & Regards
>Mandar Kulkarni

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