[Samba] cann't get cups printrers visible to windows XP

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon Feb 7 09:47:14 GMT 2005



> So, how do I get the samba printer seen by Windows?

Did you say you were using Cups?
What does 'smbclient -L YOURNETBIOSNAME -U%' tell you?
What does Swat tell you?

F.ex. on this test rig, 'smbclient -L TRU -U%' gives me:

        Epson           Printer   Epson Stylus
        Epson_Samba     Printer   Epson_Samba

for my printer. These are as I installed them for Cups. I haven't told
Samba (3.0.9 in this case) to use Cups, that's the default - and it looks
for Cups printers using libcups.so.2. How do I know (I'm relatively new to
Samba)? It says so in the docs.

Yes, I can see my printer in XP's Control Panel.


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