[Samba] Impossible to get folders in windows

mmodem00 at netvisao.pt
Mon Feb 7 10:28:02 GMT 2005

Im using mandrake10.1 wiht kde in my notebook, and i got windowsXP in other 
desktop machine.

Im able to mount linux folders in smb4k, and (this in windows machine) appears 
listed "Workgroup/Localhost/Samba Server 3.0.10", and when i click in folder 
"Samba Server 3.0.10" appears a window to enter user, but as soon i type the 
user/pass i get saying:

"\\Localhost is not accessible. You may not have permissions to use thos 
network resource. contact the network administrator to know if you have 

No matter what i do i get always this message.

All goes ok when sharing folders in linux, but in windows ....

Anyone knows whats wrong?


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