[Samba] how can I run samba in Startup?

Jeff jdyke at azimapower.com
Sun Feb 6 14:16:59 GMT 2005

rmgsantos at sapo.pt wrote:

> How can I put Samba to start in the FC3 boot?

You'll need to determine which runlevel you're you boot into, which can be seen 
in /etc/inittab in a line that looks like `id:3:initdefault:`.  The 3 means the 
system boots into runlevel 3.  So in /etc/rc3.d create the symbolic links to 
your smb script that you used to start samba

ln -s /path/to/smb K01samba
ln -s /path/to/smb S98samba

the K is for the shutdown
the S is for the startup
The numbers after are the order in they are executed.

An ls -l in the rc3.d directory will show already installed scripts looking like
S90crond -> ../init.d/crond


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