[Samba] Reply-To header in this list

Alexander Zubkov green at sectorb.msk.ru
Sat Feb 5 18:22:12 GMT 2005

> Because this list is properly configured to not mangle headers. 
> Reply-To: is meant to be set by the sending mail agent in case
> the author wants replies mailed to a different address.  There's
> a whole essay discussing the issue floating out there somewhere..
> I'm too lazy to dig up the link, but a google search should find
> it quickly.

You whant to say, that I need to set "Reply-To" manually each time I 
send e-mail to this list? Because it is bad, when people replies goes 
personally and not to list. Some of them sent it to the list by CC, but 
I haven't seen them at list - may be it rejecting them.
I'm not here to debate. I newbie in this list, but other lists I use 
have this feature and I was thinking that this is default. :)

Alexander Zubkov

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