[Samba] "ldap passwd sync" not working

Alexander Zubkov green at sectorb.msk.ru
Sat Feb 5 09:53:01 GMT 2005

 >>I've samba-3.0.11 now, installed from rpm on Redhat 9.0. Problem was
 >>with 3.0.10 too. I don't exactly know when it was broken, because I
 >>found it week ago.
 >>I've samba as PDC with LDAP backend some time ago when user changes
 >>password in windows or when password chenged with smbpasswd - LDAP
 >>password of this user was changed too. Now LDAP passwords remains the
 >>same as it was.
 >>Configure files wasn't changed - only adding/removing some shares,
 >>testparm shows "ldap passwd sync = yes".
 > whats your passwd program= (say)
In the case of LDAP password sync You need no passwd program as far as i 
know. Samba should chancge it through LDAP interface and it was doing it 
till some date... I'll try at days to set up older versions of samba an 
will post the results.

 > and are you using the IDEALX to add users and so on...?
No, I'm not using it. I add users to LDAP and then do "smbpasswd -a".

PS. (to Mark Sarria) I've replied to my e-mail because I haven't see 
your at list. May be because You CC it to me and list ignored it.
Zubkov Alexander

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