[Samba] opening share is slow

Nicola Bonelli ml at ethinx.it
Thu Feb 3 20:16:36 GMT 2005

Hello people,
I'm experiencing a strange behaviour in Samba.
I installed the latest stable release on a debian testing machine.
I configured only one share, security level is 'share', os level is
255, wins support is enable, guest account is 'nobody' and clients
(win xp) are correctly set up.
Everything works (everyone can read/write on this share), but
sometimes opening the share (a mapped drive) is very slow (About 20
seconds). Once opened, it is fast as it should be.
This behaviour appears after every windows reboot, and a few times
durgin the day: anyway, browsing folder, reading and writing files is
very fast.
The shares directory has rwx permissions for ugo.
Maybe this problem is about password backend or authentication?
Please, help me.
You can even contact me directly.

Thanks in advance.


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