[Samba] Simple LDAP authentication

ruy.oliveira at mercantil.com.br ruy.oliveira at mercantil.com.br
Thu Feb 3 17:54:35 GMT 2005

Hi friends,
I want to authenticate user login to samba with LDAP (NDS in fact), but I 
can´t change schema of LDAP (I'am not the NDS manager).

Can I authenticate user if the BIND to LDAP succed, like in apache (option 
AuthONBind) ????

I dont want to store user information (home/group/etc) in the LDAP 

Tanks in advance.

Ruy de Oliveira - Analista de Suporte
Mercantil do Brasil S/A
Fone: (31) 3489-5960 - Fax: (31) 3489-5001

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