[Samba] LDAP help!

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Thu Feb 3 11:17:53 GMT 2005

>> otherwise you have to keep passwords in clear and somehow emulate (is
>> OpenLDAP capable of this ?) sambaNTPassword via cleartext userPassword
> Password syncronization is trivial.  See "ldap password sync" to do it
> from the Samba side or the smbk5pwd overlay to extend the

sounds very good.

by the way, does smbk5pwd work on ldap_modify request ?
PHP/ldap doesn't have any ldap_passwd equivalence, so I change passwords
via mhash-->ldap_modify on userPassword field.

> password-modify exop on the LDAP side to always set all passwords.  Or
> the third option is to use Kerberos for authentication of non-CIFS
> connections as the Hiemdal KDC can use the same LDAP SAM as Samba.

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