[Samba] Re: Logon Hours problems (really stuck)

Christoph Scheeder christoph.scheeder at scheeder.de
Thu Feb 3 09:44:17 GMT 2005

what i do is the following setup for linux-servers and time:
1.) set hardware-clock to GMT,
2.) tell the system the hardwareclock is set to GMT (how depends on distro)
3.) set local timezone to GMT+2                  (again, depends on distro)
4.) check all win-Clients to have the correct timezone set
after that your system-clock should be showing the correct time in linux,
and samba should use the correct kickoff times.
as a sideefect it gives you the possibility to use ntp to sync your clock with
any timeserver out there in the internet.

David Wilson schrieb:
> Hi guys,
> Unfortunately this is still happening I've tried restarting Samba. Users 
> who should be denied access after 21:00 are being denied access at 19:00.
> Our time zone in South Africa is GMT+2. Perhaps I should set the 
> timezone on the server to UTC/GMT ?
> Do you think this will help ? Should I then leave the time set to the 
> current time in South Africa ? Or should I set the time to the time at 
> There's something I must be missing here.
> Kindest regards
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