[Samba] A smbd process pegging CPU at near 100% with v3.0.10-1 FC2 RPM

Kel Way kpwspam-samba at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 16:11:02 GMT 2005

CPU 99.3%:
2170 root      25   0 11656 3228  10m R 99.3  0.5   0:07.42 smbd

We're having the same problems as many others with print queues, client lock-ups, etc.  I think
maybe this CPU problem is related as we have two servers in two locations with the same versions,
and both had the problem immediately after upgrading to 3.0.10.  We use the YUM facility to
upgrade Samba.  To react to these problems without waiting for the .11 release, is it possible to
use the FC3 RPM of RC1 on a Fedora Core 2 box?  If not, a pointer to a FC2 binary would be

Many Thanks-

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