[Samba] Sharing Printer - Insufficient rights?

Tobias Geiger tobias.geiger at vido.info
Wed Feb 2 10:24:09 GMT 2005

Hello jerry,

yes i'm sure this has nothing to do with the Driver-Install-Right:
IF i add the driver to samba (via rpcclient/cupsaddsmb) AND IF the user's in 
the Domain-Admin Group, everything (including installing the driver) is ok...
Also the Error-Message itself is clearly indicating that it's the right to 
install printers, not drivers (unfortunatly it's in german, so it wouldn't 
make much sense to post it here word-by-word ;)

Again: If i do that with winxp instead of samba, everything works perfect:
so i think it's a samba-related problem (something with passing-through the 
permissions of domain-users?!?)

Greetings, and thanks for the answer

Am Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2005 03:39 schrieb Gerald (Jerry) Carter:
> On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Tobias Geiger wrote:
> > Problem:
> >   - as soon as i want to connect the samba-shared-printer from the WXP
> > Client, i get a "You don't have the sufficient Rights..." Message.
> are you sure this isn't the "you can't install drivers on the client"
> error message?  The only error I see in the Samba log is the fact that the
> PDF printer you have installed doesn't have a driver associated with it.
> cheers, jerry
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