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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 1 23:17:17 GMT 2005

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stenrm at comcast.net wrote:
| I have FreeBSD 5.3 running on an Sun Ultra 10.  I
| installed Samba 3.03, from patching SWAT now says version
| 3.07.  I am having an issue printing from Windows through
< Samba to Savin copiers (model 9935DPE and 9945DPE) when
| downloading the Windows drivers directly from the
| [print$] share.  When I print a test page, the orientation
| of the lettering is correct but the letters are
| gibberish.  The Windows logo in the corner looks
| correct.  If I do not download the drivers from the
| server, but install them manually on Windows, then
| everything prints fine.  The only thing that I have
| found so far is that the Print Processors are
| listed differently on the printer when downloading
| the drivers directly.  When downloading the drivers,
| the Print Processor is listed as "winprint" and the
| default data type is RAW.  When I manually install
| the drivers, the Print Processors are "HPPRN05" and
| "WinPrint" and data types are RAW, RAW [FF appended], RAW
| [FF auto], NT EMF 1.003, NT EMF 1.006, NT EMF 1.007, NT
| EMF 1.008, and TEXT.  This is using the same exact drivers
| on Samba and on Windows: SAVIN 9935DPE/2035DPE PCL 5e.  I
| have tried the PostScript driver and the PCL 6 driver with
| similar results (actually more garbled using these drivers).
| I have searched on Google, the Savin site, and samba.org,
| but have not found anything yet.  Is there a way to manually
| apply the Print Processor information?  Any help would
| be greatly appreciated.

Samba only support RAW printing. EMF printing requires that
the server render the final print job.  We can't execute
the win32 code to do that right now.

I'd try to use a different driver or use TCP/IP printing
if you can't.

cheers, jerry
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