[Samba] PDC groupmapping problem

David Sonenberg dsonenberg at strozllc.com
Tue Feb 1 20:02:39 GMT 2005

Sorry for the lack of details.  The box is running Crux Linux with a 
2.4.27 vanilla kernel, samba-3.0.10, and smbldap-tools-0.8.5.  The main 
thing I'm trying to do is get this system running for production.  
Currently I can't do Administrative tasks even if my primary group is 
512.   I can't do anything with smbldap-groupmod, but I can do a 

 > Not sure exactly what you're doing here or what your problem is since 
you don't say anything about it.  I could make some guesses but lets 
have you tell us what it is.  Could you please explain thoroughly since 
it appears you've got something really screwed up.  I'm curious what 
versions of samba, smbldap-tools you're running as well as how you got 
things set up the way they are.  Platform information would also be nice 
to know, for future reference.
 > Note that if things are set up properly you should be able to use the 
net groupmap commands to administer group mappings.
 > Why do you have groups in your People container?  Most of the time 
this is done with groups in ou=Group(s) but you can structure your DIT 
any way you want really.

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