[Samba] Sharing Printer - Insufficient rights?

Tobias Geiger tobias.geiger at vido.info
Tue Feb 1 16:40:25 GMT 2005

Hello Samba List,

i have problems sharing, or better connecting to a printer shared via samba 


- W2K ADS Domain - which auth's the users 
- WXP Client, which log's in via the W2K-ADS (and auth's of course)
- Samba (Linux) ADS-Member, which shares Printer and $HOME
 - security=ADS
 - winbind to get AUTH-Info from the W2K ADS Controller

Everything seems to work perfect: the samba client see's the 
domain-users/groups and (after tweaking with "root preexec") creates and 
shares the $HOME's for the non-local-domain-users (btw: winbind doesn't 
create the $HOME itself, i had to use the "root preexec" feature, which is 
suboptimal because old user's $HOME won't get deleted; but thats a minor 

  - as soon as i want to connect the samba-shared-printer from the WXP Client, 
i get a "You don't have the sufficient Rights..." Message.

Strange thing is, if i share a printer from another WXP Client Domain-Member, 
i don't get this error... 

I can't see the difference between a Samba-ADS Member and a WinXP ADS Member 
sharing a printer...

FYI: If i add the Domain-User to the "Domain-Admin Group", everything works 
perfect (but of course i don't want to do that ;)
I also tried samba-3.0.11 because of the addes "PrintOperatorPrivilege", but 
it didn't help...

the log (log level =10) is available here:

Thanks very much in advance for any hints
Tobias Geiger
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