[Samba] Subnet-isolated member server

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Tue Feb 1 14:11:14 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I'm gearing up to merge our two domains into one, across subnets.  I have 
subnet browsing working now.  I have a couple questions:

1.  Right now, the second PDC (which will become the member server) shares a 
printer via its own CUPS server.  Will my users see a performance degradation 
if that printer starts being shared by the other PDC across the subnet?  
Would it be OK for this member server to continue sharing that printer 
instead?  The only ones who are supposed to use the printer are on the same 
subnet as the new member server will be, so it seems to make more sense for 
it to stay shared by that member server.  But in that case I am not sure it 
is legal or kosher for the [print$] share to be on that member server.  Will 
it work?

2.  These users will have some different parameters in LDAP than the 
"default".  Of course I can manually change those values as I add users 
(there are not many) but is there a way instead for me to use smbldap-tools 
on the member server to add users for that subnet?  Then I can customize 
smbldap-tools to my needs for those users, but continue to use the defaults 
for most people.  I guess the question is here, can I somehow manage my users 
differently than the other users, even though they are in the same domain?  
Now that I've typed this out, I am pretty sure that I can.

3.  I'm having a difficult time finding info about things like SambaHomePath.  
Is this the path to the HOMES share on the server, or is it the path to the 
user's share?  IE is it  \\server\homes, \\server\user, or 
\\server\homes\user ?  In the past I have specified this in the smb.conf but 
I'm interested to moving it to LDAP.

Thanks for your help!


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