[Samba] Creating mandatory profiles (not making profiles mandatory)

"M. Müller" malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Tue Feb 1 09:38:18 GMT 2005

is it possible to create the user profiles by copying a template, change 
file ownership and modify the SID in NTUSER.DAT using the profile tool?
We have many problems with broken profiles. This has become time 
consuming and frustrating - when a user experiences an error or weird 
behaviour of an application I can never be sure wether the cause is a 
"wrong user error", a broken profile or defect in installation. If I 
want all users or groups of users to have the same profile I should be 
able to create it for them.
I already use the "default user", but with that I only can make a 
profile mandatory after the user's first logoff.
I could try myself, but I sometimes experience that "tricks" that work 
at first and look good have some side effects I didn't think of, so I 
would appreciate comments from people who tried that, or maybe someone 
knows why this is rather a bad idea.

With kind regards,
Malte Mueller

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