[Samba] Samba 3.0.11rc1 Available for Download

David Landgren landgren at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 08:28:27 GMT 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:31:28 -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter
<jerry at samba.org> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> David Landgren wrote:
> | Not sure where those lame tables are coming from, but whatever. This
> | is on a machine with no-one else online, debug level set to zero.
> | Turning the debug level up doesn't show anything in particular. The
> | user and system is pretty negligeable anyway. Authentication is done
> | via ldap on another server (running Samba 3.0.10) on the same network
> | segment.
> So are you running with  security = user or security = domain here ?
> I think the former....

no, domain: validation is being done by passing to it off the PDC or
BDC. (But if that means I'm missing something else from the config
then feel free to thump me :) In fact, security = user does not work.
I can't switch over right now to catch the error message, but in
essence, non-guest shares no longer authenticate and everyone is
locked out.

> Try testing the times for 'getent passwd david'.  How
> responsive it the LDAP server ?


# time getent passwd david
david::1001:513:david sys acct:/home/david:/bin/bash

real    0m0.014s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.010s


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