[Samba] Re: Migrating from NT4 to Samba - correct strategy

Sridhar Venkatakrishnan sridhar.venkatakrishnan at trilogy.com
Tue Feb 1 05:46:44 GMT 2005


Just changing the domain name might not work. From what I can tell, all 
your client machines are joined to the NT domain. These are not part of 
the samba domain and so nobody will be able to log in from them. You 
would have to create machine accounts for all the client machines, 
remove them from the domain and then rejoin them to the domain.

Or you could use pwdump2.exe to get the machine trust account passwords 
for the NT domain. The output of this command could be dumped directly 
into the smbpasswd file (but I dont know if that still holds) and you 
should have all the machine accounts. However, there is one issue you'll 
have to look out for....NT machines automatically change their machine 
trust passwords every week and so this swap can't be done over a long 
period or the passwords would have changed.

Hope this helps....


Josir Gomes wrote

> Thanks for replying.
> There´s just 20 clients on each domain and they have the same name and 
> password on both domain. I could simply change the domain name on each 
> station but all users will loose their local profiles.
> So I imagine that it is more productive to simply change the domain 
> name and turn off the old NT server. Is there any pitfall that I can 
> encounter ?
> Simply changing the domain name in the smb.conf is enough ? It´s easy 
> as that ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Josir Gomes
>> Josir Gomes wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I have 2 domains: LX01 (WinNT) e LX04 (Samba) and I want consolidate 
>>> them into one domain LX01.
>>> All the stations is looking for LX01.
>>> All users are equal on both servers.
>>> Can I just turn the WinNT off and rename the Samba server to LX01 ?
>>> Is there any problem ?
>> you forgot to mention how many clients on each domain, sometime when 
>> clients is less than 50, starting new domain from scartch is the 
>> 'correct' way.

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