[Samba] new oplocks

Ben Donnelly bendy at duke.edu
Wed Dec 28 19:01:51 GMT 2005

I noticed that the Release Notes for Samba 3.0.21 say that the oplock 
implementation has been rewritten. And we seem to be having problems 
with some .exe files we are sharing out as read-only shares. The shares 
now only allow the first person to open the executable and run it. Other 
users time out with a memory address error. Do I need to specify some 
new oplock option for these shares now? I tried specifying *fake oplocks 
= yes* on the share, but it didn't fix it. The same configuration 
options allow multiple users on a server running 3.0.14

Here's my global locking options:

% testparm -v  | grep lock

         kernel oplocks = Yes
         lock spin count = 3
         lock spin time = 10
         oplock break wait time = 0
         lock directory = /var/lib/samba
         block size = 1024
         veto oplock files =
         blocking locks = Yes
         fake oplocks = No
         locking = Yes
         oplocks = Yes
         level2 oplocks = Yes
         oplock contention limit = 2
         posix locking = Yes
         strict locking = Yes

And here's the  share defs on a problem share

         comment = firefox web browser application for windows
         path = /windowsbin/firefox
         read only = yes
         browseable = yes
         guest ok = no
         write list = root

Ben Donnelly
Nicholas School
Duke University

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