[Samba] Authenticating users in domain

Mariusz Kruk kruk at epsilon.eu.org
Wed Dec 28 11:33:06 GMT 2005

I know samba server can work in NT Domain evironment but I would like to 
make something a little more complicated if this is possible.

I have two networks, let's say and
There is no routing between these networks! (and that's a very important 
In network I have a domain (let's call it DOMAIN).
In network I have hosts in a workgroup (let's call it 
I to have a host with two network interfaces plugged into both these 
This host is a member of DOMAIN, I can authenticate local users (not 
samba users) with winbind, everything works great. I can run samba as a 
domain member, and this also works. But I would like to run samba on plugged interface as a member of WORKGROUP. But I would like 
to authenticate users in DOMAIN. Is it possible? (i mean, user from network browses WORKGROUP, finds my host tries to connect to 
share, is asked for a user/password pair; these credentials are then 
used to authenticate the user in DOMAIN as DOMAIN\user with the provided 

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