[Samba] Samba permissions for folder on seperate partitions

Todd Patton Todd at acpdata.com
Tue Dec 27 15:45:48 GMT 2005


     Is there a special permission setting or command for Samba shares 
on a seperate partition? I can access share /tmp, /var/tmp, or any other 
folder that I define in the samba.conf on hda2 but not a folder which is 
located on a different partition.

I have the path as /hda3/FTP/Pub. I get an access denied if I try to 
access that folder from a windoze machine, even when all the permissions 
are the exact same as the shares on hda2.

My OS is SuSE 10 OSS version. The shares show up in the network browse 
list but I seem to have "view" only.



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