[Samba] Samba cd-rom share Problem

Felix Brack fb at ltec.ch
Tue Dec 27 15:52:21 GMT 2005

Perhaps a stupid question: you are sure you DID mount the cdrom on the
linux console? If I do not mount it (or umount it) a can confirm the
symptom you are describing.



Andreas Bauer wrote:

AB> Hello NG,

AB> my network consists of AD/2003 as LDAP Server, SuSE 10.0 and xp
AB> clients and SuSE 9.3 Samba/NFS-Fileserver for the homes of SuSE clients and
AB> Samba
AB> shares for the Xp clients.
AB> My problem is the cd-rom samba share. All other samba shares except the
AB> cd-rom share are working for me.
AB> If I open the network environment in the windows explorer of a succeded
AB> logon xp client, I can access all shares except the cd-rom share.
AB> At accessing the cd-rom share in the windows explorer, I am getting no
AB> errormessage, but the directories and files of the shared cd do
AB> not appeare in the right side side of the win explorer. The right part of
AB> the
AB> windows exlorer is empty.

AB> The cd-rom section in the smb.conf is:
AB> [cdrom]
AB>    path = /media/cdrom
AB>    read only = yes
AB>    browseable = yes
AB>    locking = no

AB> Best regards and many thanks
AB> Andreas

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