[Samba] Share access Rights

Allori Lorenzo llallori at syr.fi.it
Tue Dec 27 11:00:32 GMT 2005

Dear Gruop,

I'm using samba as a domain controller. My domain users group is called smbusers an I've set it 
with net mapgroup command.

I need a share that is not public but it acts as a public share: I need a share I can use an mdb 
file in it accessed by multiple users so I need permissions to write execute and read for the 
group smbusers to every new file is created by anyone else. In fact every time someone opens an 
mdb file it creates a lock file (*.ldb) that is accessible for the user that opened the access 
file the first time and the other users that try to open it are given the error "Could not lock 

my share now is:

comment = private
path = /home/samba/private
read only = no
force group = smbusers

How can I manage?



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