[Samba] Couldn' find group

John W Miller jwmiller at iup.edu
Mon Dec 26 23:39:23 GMT 2005


I recently created a Samba (v3.0.14a-2) server on a Fedora CORE box 

In a samba log file on the server I am getting a "Couldn't find group" 

On my client, I am getting "system error 2220 has occurred"  "the 
group name could not be found".

The problem seems to be this entry in my "smb.conf"

    force group +xuser

...excerpt from smb.conf follows...
  comment = Lotus
  path = /apps/lotusdir
  browseable = yes
  force create    mode = 0774  ;see pg184 of samba manual
  force directory mode = 0774  ;see pg184 of samba manual
        create    mask = 0774  ;see pg184 of samba manual
        directory mask = 0774
  force group = +xuser          ;see pg183 of samba manual
  public = no
  valid users = @xuser
  write list = @xuser
  writeable = yes

For years, I've been using this smb.conf file (with a few minor 
changes) with an earlier version of Samba and Linux, with no problems.

I've tested this problem with an XP client and also a Win98 client. 
 Both clients have problems.

I set the debug level to "3" and was getting NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_GROUP 

Please help


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