[Samba] OT: SUSE 9.3 and NICs

Andreas Winkelmann ml at awinkelmann.de
Sun Dec 25 22:29:29 GMT 2005

Am Sunday 25 December 2005 01:38 schrieb Eric Hines:

> Folks, I realize this is off topic, and if anyone can suggest a
> better source for the question, I'd be glad to go there.  Novell
> SUSE's support is unresponsive, however.
> My problem is this: I'm running 9.3 Pro on an Intel server board that
> has two NIC chips built in (a 10/100 and a GigE).  I've since added a
> Netgear GigE NIC.  However, every time I reboot, the NICs assigned to
> eth0, 1, and 2 all change at random, as do the IP addresses
> assigned.  This happens whether I do anything at all or try to set
> things up through YaST.  I'm trying to set up two subnets off this
> (samba-run) server, with one NIC (or one IP address) facing the Net
> and the other two NICs (or IP addresses) having to go through this
> NIC to get to the Net.  It would seem impossible to cable up the LAN
> if the NIC supporting a given subnet--and its address--keep changing.
> How can I stabilize the NIC/IP address/ethx assignments?

The IP-Address Configuration is bound to the MAC-Address, this will not 
change. Only the Name (eth0,1,2) is a little bit dynamic ;-) A solution can 
be to assign a static Name to the NIC. Edit the file 
in /etc/sysconfig/network and add a Line:


Use these names in configurations which are formerly bound to the devices 
eth0, 1, 2... (Firewalls,vmware,...).


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