[Samba] OT: SUSE 9.3 and NICs

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Sun Dec 25 00:38:38 GMT 2005

Folks, I realize this is off topic, and if anyone can suggest a 
better source for the question, I'd be glad to go there.  Novell 
SUSE's support is unresponsive, however.

My problem is this: I'm running 9.3 Pro on an Intel server board that 
has two NIC chips built in (a 10/100 and a GigE).  I've since added a 
Netgear GigE NIC.  However, every time I reboot, the NICs assigned to 
eth0, 1, and 2 all change at random, as do the IP addresses 
assigned.  This happens whether I do anything at all or try to set 
things up through YaST.  I'm trying to set up two subnets off this 
(samba-run) server, with one NIC (or one IP address) facing the Net 
and the other two NICs (or IP addresses) having to go through this 
NIC to get to the Net.  It would seem impossible to cable up the LAN 
if the NIC supporting a given subnet--and its address--keep changing.

How can I stabilize the NIC/IP address/ethx assignments?

What other information does anyone need to help me with this?

Thanks very much.

Eric Hines

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