[Samba] Hiding and showing folders in Samba.

Michel Bouchet michelbh at gol.com
Fri Dec 23 02:58:03 GMT 2005


I am using Samba as a file server; with 11 users :
usr1, usr2, ..... usr10, usr 11.

There are several folders on the server :
sfold1, sfold2, ...... sfold10, sfold23

Each user has full access (read/write) to some folders, only read access to
some others and finally no access at
all to some other folders.

I would like the folders which are not accessible to a given user  to be
invisible when she/he browses the samba-server.

How can I do that ?

I have tried to use the "browseable", "only user", and a few other flags but
it did not work. Either the folder is visible to everyone or to nobody. Of
course I still can control the access rights, but it would be cleaner if the
non-accessible folders did show up at all.

Has anyboby got this problem ?

Does anyone know how to solve it ?

Thanks in advance.


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