[Samba] Suse 10.0- Samba PDC with OpenLDAP and smbldap-tools

Thomas Besand thomas.besand at web.de
Thu Dec 22 21:27:39 GMT 2005

Hi NG,

I'm trying to set up a PDC in my home office; just to practice (one of 
my clients needs this kind of setup).
Followed the step-by-step example from samba.org (chapter 'Making Happy 
Everything went fine up to the point, where the docs suggest to call the 
command ./smbldap-populate -a root -k 0 -m 0
This one fails with an errormsg:
   failed to add entry: modifications require authentication at... 
(repeated several times)

Been looking around and read a pile of docs, but feel a little lost now.
Seems like the error lies in the password configuration for the ldap 
Admin- but I'm just not sure where to dig.

Anyone willing to help?

Any help much appreciated,

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