[Samba] maximum password age

nik600 nik600 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 16:46:26 GMT 2005

On 12/19/05, simo wrote:
> On lun, 2005-12-19 at 13:37 +0100, nik600 wrote:
> > i've tried to set the maximum age of passwords with:
> >
> > root at servlan:~# pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C 8035200
> > account policy value for maximum password age was 8035200
> > account policy value for maximum password age is now 8035200
> > as you can see Password must change: Fri, 13 Dec 1901 21:45:51 GMT is
> wrong!
> > what can i do to set the password max age?
> The maximum password age is a server setting, not a specific user
> setting.
> It tells the server how to calculate the Password must change field
> when, and _only_ when the user password is changed.
> When the user changes it's password, the Password must change field is
> calculated as current time + maximum password age seconds.
> Changing the maximum password age setting will not change any existing
> user Password must change field. You either need to force a user to
> change his password or edit the password must change field by yourself.
> This is hot NT has been designed, and is also the only sane way it can
> work.
> Simo.

thanks for your reply but i've tried to change the password and the value
 Password must change doesn't change!

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