[Samba] Vampire process question

Gururajan Ramachandran gramacha at nyx.net
Fri Dec 23 12:45:54 GMT 2005


I am confused about the vampire process and the docs did not clear up
my confusion.

Do all the group names as well as all the user names on the WINDOWS
PDC with spaces or uppercase need to be changed prior to the vampire
process? Do you know if there are any consequences in doing this on
the WINDOWS side with a production WINDOWS PDC?

Do all the user names and all the group names have to be created in our
SUSE Linux 10.0 (Samba 3.0.20b) prior to the vampire process? Does the 
Samba mapping of all the user names also have to be done prior to the 
vampire process?

Can I get around this by using vigr rather than groupadd for the group 
names? (Since groupadd is the one that will not allow spaces)

If I implement LDAP rather than use tdbsam, can I get away from having to
change the WINDOWS PDC?

Is there any way to avoid changing the WINDOWS PDC and do everything from
the Samba side only???



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