[Samba] question about client logs

ryan punt rpunt at good-sam.com
Thu Dec 22 18:28:55 GMT 2005

I'm not even sure this is a problem with Samba, but here goes*

>From smb.conf:

log file = /opt/samba/var/log/%m.log

As I understand it, this option will create $CLIENT_NETBIOS_NAME.log whenever a client contacts the Samba server in any way.

However, I've got clients from outside this samba server's subnet contacting the samba server. I can prove that because a PCs NetBIOS name is determined by its subnet, and all logs are in the aforementioned form. For example:

Subnet A: all clients in Subnet A has its own master browser (the samba server for that subnet)
Subnet B: all clients in Subnet B has its own master browser (the samba server for that subnet)
Subnet C has the PDC that services subnets A and B.

What I'm seeing are clients from subnet A requesting sessions with master browser/samba server B, and vice versa, despite the fact that there are no shares mounted across subnets, and all sharepoint-mounts are controlled via login script. This is not an issue of users manually mounting a share. As to the logs themselves, while some of these logs have useful messages, many are 0-length.

The master browser for subnet A is quite busy, and subnet B not very much so. The client PCs are all Windows XP, but I was under the impression that, given the subnet mask, they'd limit queries to that subnet. In addition, each client has mounted shares ONLY from the samba server on their subnet. Could this be PDC-related?

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