[Samba] SVN/CVS-like share for Samba users?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Thu Dec 22 18:01:13 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra schrieb:


>>And "version controlling" is mentioned only briefly in the HOWTO where
>>shadow_copy is described (with "do not use for version controlling" in
> Correct. If you want flexible and managable file versioning on a Samba share 
> it will most likely be necessary to write a VFS module to do that.

Or some FUSE-like filesystem.

>>>When you send a novice to read the HOWTO, it's like telling them to
>>>practice for running a marathon before they can walk. It's like telling
>>>them to read a mechanic's guide before they know what is a car.
>>Same happens when a "real proffessional" can't read more than half of
>>the subject of one's post...
> I believe you are being a little unkind here.
> I admit that I overlooked the thrust of your request. For that I apologise.
> What has been "unprofessional" about my request? Did you mean to insult me?

No, just Santa doesn't love me and I had a bad day.
Sorry for being rude.


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