[Samba] Ton's oftmp files in Outlook Express Folder[VASCL:A165472F8B5]

Richmond Dyes rdyes at monroehosp.org
Thu Dec 22 17:12:04 GMT 2005

I have a server running Centos 4.2 with samba 3.0.14a running and using 
roaming profiles in a domain setup. There is a user with 125 tmp files 
in his Outlook Express Folder.  They date back to June of this year 
with  different sizes from  300K to 65 meg.  Is this a sign of a problem 
with syncing?  This same user has another problem.  Let's call the user 
jdoe.  When he goes to the server and looks in his profile directory 
through windows explorer, "My Documents" shows as "jdoe's documents", 
yet when opens the folder, "jdoe's Document", "My Douments" shows up as 
the name in the address bar in explorer.  When I look on the server 
itself, the folder shows as "My Documents".  Any explanation for that?

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